Slovene architecture

Parish home

Rok Benda, Miha Skok / 2010
LOCATION: Trdinov trg 9, 1234 Mengeš

St. Michael parish home is situated on the edge of the village between the church and a magnificent, free-standing bell tower, cemetery and a platform for farewell ceremonies. In addition to inviting visitors inside, the cut-off entrance wall accentuates the geometry of the place. Large glazed surfaces open up the building to its surroundings. The bricks arranged in a cross pattern evoke a characteristic element of vernacular architecture.


Object information

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656,70 m2
Župnija Mengeš

Technical team

Rok Benda, Miha Skok
Matej Lozar

Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Gradišče d.o.o. Cerknica
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