Landscaping around the church in Mirna Peč

Jože Slak / 2017
Sat. 06. 04. 2019 at 16:00

After the transept that was designed by architect Vantaš was added to the original Gothic church, a new road was built to connect the church with Globodol.

The comprehensive space design includes the multi-purpose platform around the church, an articulated contact with the old parish, a fountain at the site where the original well once existed, the presentation of the alleged Romanic foundations of the former church (under a glass cover), the placement of the statue of Mary with a base, and especially a stately contact of the church entrance and the open street area.

The design emphasises the original location of the walls around the camp with a tower used for defense against the Turks.

Object information

Construction year
Object size
1345 m2
Area size
2595 m2
1.000.000 €
Župnija Mirna Peč

Technical team

Jože Slak

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Coston d.o.o.


Landscaping around the church in Mirna Peč

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