Slovene architecture

Zlati Klub Sauna

Prostornina d.o.o. / 2018
LOCATION: Celovška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana

Zlati Klub Sauna in Tivoli is a green oasis of relaxation and a shift away from city life. The main guideline was the idea that the visitor should leave their worries outside as they enter the space. The plants in combination with the sauna’s atmosphere give the impression of entering the jungle. The tropic feeling is created by a blurred glass wall that hides the plants like a steam veil. The sauna’s elegant look is created by using ceramics, technical stone in the pattern of Bianco Carrara marble, wood and gold metal details.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
250 m2

Technical team

Nina Galič, Prostornina d.o.o., Nina Bohte dipl. diz., Ana Jerše univ. dipl. inž. arh.
Janez Marolt

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
LESNINA inženiring d.d.
MP inženiring, P​ROJEKTIVA Damjan Mršič s.p.