Slovene architecture

Insurance Company Triglav

Jože Plečnik / 1928
LOCATION: Miklošičeva cesta 19, Ljubljana

Architect Jože Plečnik designed the building to face the railway station with its corner entrance. The differences in facade treatment point to different uses: offices on the ground floor and rental apartments on the upper floors. The unified appearance of the ground floor and the mezzanine creates an image of a grand city palace. The facade wrap continues over the corner and the brick columns are kept in proportion by being thinner at the bottom and wider at the top. The attica is decorated by atlantes holding a ribbon, a symbol of solidarity. Because the two streets meet at an acute angle, the corner of the building does not form a right angle. To compensate for this, Plečnik designed a round lobby and created a special spatial effect by using a trapezium shape to design the staircase. Unlike the grand front facade, the courtyard facing facade was designed extremely rationally with a network of exterior corridors. (Source:

The guided tour will be conducted by architect Andrej Hrausky.

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Jože Plečnik

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