Slovene architecture

Wine Cellar H

Arhitekturni biro F019CF / 2017

A small private family wine cellar on the sunny side of the Semiška Gora was designed as a service facility for the storage and production of wine and the storage of other fruit products of a small family farm. The building is located underground, between a house and other service facilities. From the public footpath to the Smuk hill, the building is almost unseen, hidden underground.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
45 m2

Technical team

Arhitekturni biro F019CF
Manca Starman

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Okna, vrata
Burdoš Andrej Schweiger s.p.
Notranja oprema
Miha Henigsman
Svetila Svetek, Svetek Janez s.p.
Zunanja zasaditev
Miha Henigsman