Slovene architecture

Kindergarten Ribnica

Arhi-tura d.o.o., Peter Rijavec, Renato Rajnar, Bojan Mrežar / 2014

This is one of the largest low-energy wooden kindergartens in Slovenia, with 20 units and was part-financed with European funds for regional development. The design allowed for a two-stage construction. The building is visually articulated in a way that does not disclose its actual size, 4,000 square meters. It comprises an administrative part and two blocks with two parts each. The basic module consists of two playrooms, bathrooms and a corridor with colourful niches, wardrobe and an articulated ceiling. The playrooms have natural light and access to the safe open-air playground in the centre of the building.

Object information

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Občina Ribnica

Technical team

Private: Arhi-tura d.o.o., Peter Rijavec, Renato Rajnar, Bojan Mrežar
Krajinska arhitektura
Tina Demšar Vreš, Gregor Vreš, Landscape d.o.o.
Jorg Ceglar

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
Riko d.o.o., Riko Hiše d.o.o.
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