Slovene architecture

Kindergarten Poljčane

Modular arhitekti / 2014
LOCATION: Dravinjska cesta 28, Poljčane

This village kindergarten with eight playrooms sits on a narrow, 200-metre long plot, adjacent to a nature protection area included in the Natura 2000 network. Each of the interconnected playrooms features views of the surroundings and its own exit. The glazed walls are sheltered by a roof, with a stream of water flowing through it. The outdoor playground is located on an earth mound which serves as a flood barrier. A special feature of this kindergarten is its wooden roof, made of CLT panels in the form of an inverted roof, which was a demanding construction task.

Object information

Project year
Construction year
Total floor area
2760 m2
Investment value
3.726.000 eur
Občina Poljčane

Technical team

Mojca Gregorski, Miha Kajzelj, Matic Lašič, Modular arhitekti
Landscape architecture
Iztok Kavčič
Miran Kambič
Mechanical engineering
Menerga d.o.o.
Electrical engineering
TE-biro d.o.o.
Construction engineering
Gravitas d.o.o., CBD d.o.o.
Other participants
Žiga Misjak

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Fasades and insulation
Building materials