Slovene architecture

Kindergarten Kekec

Arhitektura Jure Kotnik / 2010

The Kekec kindergarten is an extension of a typical pre-fabricated kindergarten of the 1980s. The new façade is designed as a play element that serves also as a shading element. It consists of revolving timber slats that are the colour of natural wood on one side, but painted in nine different colours on the other side, thus giving the kindergarten its characteristic appearance. The colourful wooden planks are easy to manipulate for the children who can thus constantly change the look of their kindergarten



Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
130 m2
City of Ljubljana

Technical team

Arhitektura Jure Kotnik, Jure Kotnik, Andrej Kotnik
Miran Kambič
Mechanical engineering
“SIP” Linasi Peter s.p.
Electrical engineering
Iztok Zlatar
Construction engineering

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor