Slovene architecture

Kindergarten Bled - reconstruction

Studio Stratum / 2014

The comprehensive reconstruction of this kindergarten took advantage of its existing features and provided a better internal organisation with a minimal intervention. A new access to two main entrances was added by lowering it into the ground. Natural materials, such as wood, were used for terraces, entrance shelters, and railings. Playgrounds were enlarged. The image and form of the reconstructed building are a pleasant addition to the town’s appearance.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
2737 m2
Kvadratura parcele
3234 m2
Občina Bled

Technical team

Peter Šenk, Polona Filipič, Marko Pretnar, Primož Špacapan, Ajda Vogelnik Saje, Katja Florjanc, Studio Stratum
Krajinska arhitektura
Virginia Vrecl
Strojne instalacije
Šlibar inženiring d.o.o.
Elektro instalacije
ESPIN d.o.o.
Gradbene konstrukcije
HB Inženiring d.o.o., Blaž Hrastnik, Marko Markoja

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Okna, vrata
Lip Bled d.o.o.