Slovene architecture

Garden at Parecag

Ana Tepina, Ernest Milčinovič / 2016

The garden is located on a hill in the village of Parecag, with a view of Sečovlje saltpans. Neighbouring plots surround it on the eastern, western and southern side, while the northern side opens towards the countryside. The view towards neighbouring houses is shaded to protect privacy and it melts into the surroundings. In this way, the garden’s dimension is not limited to its boundaries, but it reaches far beyond them.

Reservation required. The reservations will open on 7th April.




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Technical team

Ana Tepina

Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Zidarstvo Stanonik, Boštjan Stanonik s.p.
Kamen Pazin d.d.
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Moet d.o.o.