Slovene architecture

School playground for the blind

Andreja Albreht, Irena Rozman Fattori / 2010
LOCATION: Langusova 8, 1000 Ljubljana

The garden is part of the Institute for Blind and Partially Sighted Children. The garden is an everyday recreational playground and also an outdoor classroom. There is a water classroom where different geographical elements can be modeled from water and sand. Pupils learn to distinguish between various materials (wood, stone, plastic, etc.). In the touch-and-smell classroom they learn different plant textures and forms and experience aromatic plants by their smell. In the sound room they can play simple musical instruments and discover properties of the sound. All areas are connected by the main walk but one can also use the woodland path and  grass. A separate part of the garden is a walk-learning range, an enclosed area where visitors are exposed to different kinds of walking surfaces and obstacles from everyday life so they can master their skills in spatial orientation and walking. The organization of the entire garden is explained on informative panels so blind and partially sighted can also use the space on their own.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Vrednost investicije
375.000 eur
Center IRIS

Technical team

Krajinska arhitektura
Andreja Albreht, Irena Rozman Fattori

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