Slovene architecture

Volčji Grad wine cellar

Kreadom d.o.o. / 2022

The wine cellar is part of the Volčji Grad homestead and is carved in living rock. Local materials – stone, wood and metal – come together in a simple, yet convincing whole. The focal point of the room is a tasting table made of black Karst stone. It’s surrounded by a platform that floats in the space and holds new elements: a bottle rack, a sink element made of stone and a rack for cured meats. The lighting emphasises the divide between the old and the new, and presents the tasting table as a sculpture in space.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
30,3 m2

Technical team

Interior design
Kreadom d.o.o., Adrijan Cingerle, Andreja Kosovelj
Jerneja Kraigher
Electrical engineering
Rotoma d.o.o.
Lighting design
Marchiol d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Kamnoseštvo Tavčar d.o.o.
Ferjan Polonca, s.p., ELKON d.o.o.
Rotoma d.o.o.