Slovene architecture

Villa Vipolže - interior design

Krog d.o.o. / 2015

The most beautiful Renaissance villa in Slovenia, Villa Vipolže, has been renovated to become a central point of cultural tourism, events and exhibitions in Brda region. Its history reflects life at the crossroads of three cultures. Originally a hunting mansion for the counts of Gorizia, it later belonged to the noble families of Herberstein, Della Torre, Attems and Teuffenbach. It had many different roles in the past, and the original furniture has been long gone. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia carried out a comprehensive exterior and interior renovation of the villa with the aid of European Union funds. Complex conservations work was supervised by the Institute for the protection of cultural heritage of Nova Gorica. The interior decoration was designed according to the client’s demands for a modern, high quality equipment of straightforward lines, natural colours and ecological materials. The size and distribution of furniture was decided according to the size of the villa, and no historic forms were recreated.

Object information

Leto projekta
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Velikost objekta
1600 m2

Technical team

Mitja Skubin, Nataša Leban Lavriša, Andreja Ravljen
Andrej Mlakar
Miran Kambič, Milo Ferfolja Milo Ferfolja

Manufacturers and Suppliers

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MB oprema d.o.o.
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