Slovene architecture

Urn Wall at Rogoznica Cemetery in Ptuj

Ravnikar Potokar arhitekturni biro / 2018
LOCATION: Dornavska cesta 23, 2250 Ptuj

The urn wall is situated in a forest clearing and is designed as an introverted circular space; the specific shape frames views and gives the place for contemplation a special kind of serenity. The wall is circular in shape and divided in three parts. It is made of concrete and overlaid with dark brown local brick. The overflowing colours of bricks synchronize with the colours of the surrounding forest and contribute to a uniform, calm place. The bricks form an interesting pattern on the walls.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
1100 m2 (jasa)
Javne službe Ptuj

Technical team

Ravnikar Potokar arhitekturni biro, Robert Potokar, Špela Kuhar, Tina Gradišer
Robert Potokar
Construction engineering
Vilko Šuligoj

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Hermes d.o.o.
Building materials
Wienerberger, Murexin d.o.o.