Slovene architecture

Regulation of public space in Kranj

LUZ / 2013
LOCATION: 4000 Kranj – staro mestno jedro

The renovation of public spaces of Kranj city center is a comprehensive intervention which emphasizes the quality urban features, boosts the importance of the municipality building and acts as a starting point for further revitalization of the city centre. Uniform pavement creates a quality pedestrian zone. The renovation also comprises Pungert neighbourhood and its playground, the viewpoint over the Kokra canyon, and the gardens of Khislstein castle.

Object information

Construction year
Mestna občina Kranj

Technical team

Karla Jankovič, Urška Kranjc, Tina Cotič, Gaja Trbižan, Matija Jemec
Mechanical engineers
Electrical engineers

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Construction work
Projecta d.o.o., Hidroprojekt d.o.o.