Slovene architecture

Urban beehives: Plečnik’s beehive and Tivoli park beehives

Jože Plečnik, Miha Dešman, Študenti Fakultete za arhitekturo / 1925 in 2016
LOCATION: Karunova 4, Ljubljana, Park Tivoli

Urban beehives are becoming increasingly popular in Slovenia. In the town parks, alleys and gardens there are many honey plants where bees can collect nectar and pollen. An urban beehive is not only a shelter for the bees, but also an information point, narrating the past and present of apiculture. A beehive offers the bees protection from the weather, a constant temperature and good ventilation, as well as providing a space for the bees’ takeoff and landing and a shelter from vandals.
In architect Jože Plečnik’s year 2017, we will put on display the beehive in his garden, as well as the beehives in Tivoli park, designed by the architecture students of the University of Ljubljana. The research project Urban homes for bees was led by Assoc. Prof. Miha Dešman in 2016.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
1925 in 2016
BTC d.d. in MOL

Technical team

Jože Plečnik, Miha Dešman, Študenti Fakultete za arhitekturo, Vlatka Ljubanović
Ostali sodelujoči
Gorazd Trušnovec, Pučko d.o.o. cementni izdelki

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