Slovene architecture

Three houses in Rožna dolina

Kombinat d.o.o., Tomori arhitekti / 2013

Three prefabricated single family homes in Rožna dolina in Ljubljana stand on the site of two older houses. All of them are designed in the shape of a letter L. The ground floor with living spaces that opens onto the garden is set transversely, while the bedroom floor is placed longitudinally with the entire set of houses. Underneath the top floor, which bridges the space between the ground floor and the garden shed, there is an anteroom, which combines the entrance and parking space; so the garden on the south side of the houses is connected with a common access path on the north side. Above the ground floor there is a flat roof that is partially greened and partly serves as a terrace. The uniform appearance of the facade wrap connects the entire set of houses into a single unit and introduces some order into the otherwise chaotic image of today’s Rožna dolina.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
175,00 m²
Total Area
1890,00 m²

Technical team

Kombinat d.o.o., Tomori arhitekti, Tomaž Čeligoj, Ana Grk, Blaž Kandus, Alenka Korenjak, Tina Rugelj, Brina Vizjak
Matej Sitar
Mechanical engineering
Prokonto servis d.o.o.
Electrical engineering
EVB Elektroinstalacije Borislav Vijačko s.p.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Roofing, tinkering
PREFA Slovenija