Slovene architecture

BigNose shop

Tomaž Čeligoj, Ana Malalan / 2019
LOCATION: Kolodvorska 9, Ljubljana

The Big Nose shop could be called a concept store. In reality it is a kind of a city living room, a shelter for music addicts, graffitists, and skaters. Its content is as open as was its creation. Sunny didn’t order the plan but he decided on everything that the store would sell. With Ana he arranged the organization of the place. made the desk and tables for gramos … Matevž made the shelves. Sunny brought from a couch from Izola … The place is now a collage of people who are meeting there, hanging out and creating.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
100 m2

Technical team

Ana Malalan, Tomaž Čeligoj
Urban Cerjak, Tomaž Šantl
Ostali sodelujoči
Sunny Sun in ekipa, Matevž Pokorn

Manufacturers and Suppliers

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