Slovene architecture

The ZRC SAZU Research Station in Prekmurje

Metod Prijatelj / 2016
LOCATION: Petanjci 19 A, Tišina

The ZRC SAZU Research Station in Prekmurje is a research facility located at the entrance of the park in Petanjci. The ground floor is comprised of a gallery connected to the outside space. On the upper floors there are offices for ZRC researchers, who are engaged in the multifaceted research of the Prekmurje region between the 17th and 20th century. The flat roof functions as an open-air auditorium and is directly connected to the park. The central motif of the research facility is the Mura River raft.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
400 m2
Kvadratura parcele
1500 m2
Vrednost investicije
320.000 €

Technical team

Metod Prijatelj
Strojne instalacije
Emineo d.o.o.
Gradbene konstrukcije
Elea iC d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
SCT d.o.o.