Slovene architecture

THE LETTERS SERIES: Alphabet - student leisure space

Svet vmes / 2018
LOCATION: Koroška cesta 13

The second in a series of interventions at Kranj Grammar School is located in the attic of the new school annex that lacked rooms for informal learning and interaction. One of the existing classrooms was opened up towards the adjacent corridor and transformed into a leisure space for students with an additional 40 m2 surface. Designed as an open Alphabet field, the 25 big scale letters act as furniture elements (soft, movable letters become cushions for sitting and assembling, whereas hard and fixed letters serve as a storage or space dividers).

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
103 m2
Gimnazija Kranj

Technical team

Ana Kreč, Ana Križaj, Jure Hrovat, Žiga Rošer
Matevž Paternoster

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Notranja oprema
Mizarstvo Jamnik, Janez Jamnik s.p.