Gymnasium of the primary school Stražišče pri Kranju

Plan B / 2018
Zbirno mesto
School playground in front of the gym

The design of the building is closely connected to the existing architecture of Danilo Fürst. The rhythm of the facade is closely related to the rhythm of the existing buildings, characterised by prefabrication. The materials are natural; wood dominates the ecological structure. The basement is constructed of concrete, all other elements and surfaces are wooden.The aim of the new gym hall was to create a structure that respects the existing surroundings and creates a new enclosed environment through the use and design of space, light, and material.


Object information

Construction year
Object size
1260 m2
Area size
3800 m2
Zlati svinčnik 2019, ožji izbor Piranesi 2019
Mestna občina Kranj

Technical team

Aleš Vodopivec, Uroš Razpet, Gašper Medvešek, Karin Rožman, Matej Delak, Plan B
Miran Kambič
Mechanical engineers
KLIMATERM PROJEKT d.o.o., Jelen&Zaveršnik, BAMBI d.n.o.
Electrical engineers
Elsist, Tomaž Mikic s.p.
Construction engineers
CBD d.o.o., Gradbeni biro Mele

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Gorenjska gradbena družba d.d.


Gymnasium of the primary school Stražišče pri Kranju

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