Slovene architecture

TehnoLev Congress Center

Kosi in partnerji d.o.o. / 2019
LOCATION: Vošnjakova ulica 5, Ljubljana

The conference center is located in a former car showroom. In the space provided by the massive load-bearing structure, it was necessary to ensure the flexibility of user scenarios: either three smaller lecture rooms, or one large hall, or an open space for events. We have met these requirements with two elements: a reflective technical folding wall and a printed corrugated curtain. The combination of the layout of these two elements allows for different ambient conditions. The room is designed as a gallery, in neutral white colour.


Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
305 m2
Union Hoteli, d.d.

Technical team

Interior design
Ana Kosi, Ognen Arsov, Žiga Rošer, Barbara Žunkovič
Janez Marolt, Tilen Sepič
Electrical engineering
Energomont d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers