Slovene architecture

Studio Kreativa

Slavojka Akrapovič / 2017
LOCATION: Malo Hudo 8a, 1295 Ivančna Gorica

The Kreativa – Marketing department combines various work processes which are interconnected but function autonomously. This is also reflected in the arrangement of workplaces and furniture design. The layout of individual workplaces and islands considers the daylight and is positioned along the longitudinal dimension of the space in two lines that are delimited by the central equipment elements – upholstered modules and metal shelves, as well as a communication path.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
153 m2
Investment value
230.000 €
Akrapovič d.d.

Technical team

Slavojka Akrapovič
Interior design
Slavojka Akrapovič, Domen Radosavljević
Branko Cvetkovič
Mechanical engineering
Sašo Ocvirk
Electrical engineering
Andrej Korak
Construction engineering
Franc Sinur
Other participants
Janez Pečnik

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Construction work
Rekon d.o.o.
Installation contractor
Novomont d.o.o.
Windows, doors
Alu Alprem d.o.o.
Floors, parquets, ceramics
Interflooring skupina d.o.o.
Mizarstvo Florjančič d.o.o.
Arcadia d.o.o.