Slovene architecture

Old castle Celje

Archdesign / 2010

The old Celje castle is an important landmark and a historical monument. Therefore, discretion had to be applied in order to preserve its outline while adding new elements. The service rooms were placed between the two defense walls by the entrance. The small hill at the foot of Friderik’s tower was used as the base of a grass-covered amphitheater, while the tower itself gained a new stairwell and a view terrace. Modern materials were used as a contrast to old substance.

Object information

Construction year
Investment value
1,7 millions
Mestna občina Celje

Technical team

ARCH design, Jernej Gartner, Brigita Babnik, Gregor Košorok, Matija Lenaršič, Tanja Gobov, David Kozamernik

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Construction work
Ingrad Gramat d.d., Remont d.d.
Building materials
Murexin d.o.o.