Slovene architecture

Zeleni gaj Brdo Housing

Dekleva Gregorič arhitekti, Multiplan arhitekti / 2014

In 2003, the Housing Fund of Slovenia bought a large plot in Brdo – Vrhovci neighbourhood in Ljubljana. A public tender was published in 2005, resulting in the construction of Zeleni gaj residential neighbourhood, an example of quality affordable housing, which is energetically efficient and user-friendly. 342 apartments have been built to the date, with plenty of recreational areas and underground parkings. Another 269 apartments and 18 terraced houses are planned. Priority was given to buyers with young children, handicapped and young people under 27. The unit F4, featuring brick apartment blocks, reminiscent of the former local brick factory, was designed by Dekleva Gregorič architect studio, and unit F5 by Multiplan studio.

Object information

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Stanovanjski sklad Republike Slovenije, javni sklad
Stanovanjski sklad RS

Technical team

Dekleva Gregorič arhitekti, Multiplan arhitekti, Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Lea Kovič, Martina Marčan, Andi Koder, Tea Smrke, Daniel Schwartz, Simon Vrščaj
Miran Kambič

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