Slovene architecture

Pod Pekrsko gorco residential neighbourhood

Jereb in Budja arhitekti, Arhitektura Dobrin, Kostak GIP d.o.o. / 2022
LOCATION: Kamenškova ulica, Šarhova ulica, Maribor

The main principle of the project is the feeling of an integrated, multi-layered town. The aim of the authors was to establish a suitable combination of public, semi-public and private areas, as well as to create a pleasant living atmosphere for people of various generations and profiles, as residential neighbourhoods represent to many the environment of their most playful youth. The design of the buildings is restrained, setting the framework for diverse green atriums. Traffic is limited, creating the possibility of a safe, green, quality area right at the doorstep.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
59.344 m2
Total Area
45.873 m2
Investment value
58.000.000,00 €
Stanovanjski sklad Republike Slovenije, javni sklad

Technical team

avtorji:, Rok Jereb, Blaž Budja, Miha Dobrin, soavtorji:, Maruša Trnovec, Manica Lavrenčič, Petra Stojsavljević, Nina Majoranc, Anja Šuštar, Sara Zorzut
Landscape architecture
Krajinaris d.o.o.
Miran Kambič, Blaž Budja
Mechanical engineering
Nom biro d.o.o.
Electrical engineering
Avelis d.o.o., Elita ib d.o.o.
Construction engineering
Gravitas d.o.o.
Other participants
promet:, PRO-INI d.o.o., požarna varnost, Kostak GIP d.o.o., komunalna ureditev:, KOMUNALA PROJEKT d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Pomgrad d.d., s partnerji, GITRI d.o.o., GH Holding d.d., VG5 d.o.o.
Fasades and insulation