Slovene architecture

Apartment in a block of flats

RIBA arhitekti d.o.o. / 2014

The client emphasized that she did not want a classic kitchen, as she did not like mediocrity nor mediocre people. On the other hand, she wanted her new home to become her den. Thus, an everyday apartment on the 8th floor of a block of flats in Ljubljana was instilled with a new atmosphere that changed the client’s life. The ceiling plaster was removed, the layout changed, a bench was cast of concrete and black plain tiles used instead of ceramic tiles. The design inspires a modern homely atmosphere without superfluous romanticism.

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Object information

Project year
Construction year
Total floor area
70 m2

Technical team

Janja Brodar, Goran Rupnik, Manica Lavrenčič
Janez Marolt

Manufacturers and Suppliers