Slovene architecture

Sports hall Stopiče

Jereb in Budja arhitekti, Blaž Budja, Rok Jereb / 2012

Sports Center Stopiče is a result of an architectural competition. It is an example of a successful integration of a large building into a small village center. Sports halls are typically built with limited resources and rarely represent architectural excellence. Their size regulations dictate the size of the playing fields and changing rooms, so these are mostly seen as a simple volume. Sports Center Stopiče is an extension of the existing primary school, situated on a hillside in the middle of the village. The fall of the terrain was utilized so that the hall is partly dug in. The south facade, where the building is very close to the road, is curved and includes the sidewalk and indirectly the bus station. The building disrupts the monotony of the large volume and forms the necessary dynamics.

Award: Plečnik Medal 2012

Object information

Project year
Construction year
Total floor area
2350 m2
Investment value
Plečnik medal 2012
Mestna občina Novo mesto

Technical team

Jereb in Budja arhitekti, Blaž Budja, Rok Jereb, Petra Cegnar, Sara Zorzut, Tadeja Božičnik, Nina Majoranc, Ana Križaj
Gašper Janežič
Landscape architecture
Krajinaris d.o.o., Tomaž Stupar
Blaž Budja
Mechanical engineering
Medard Hafner
Electrical engineering
Biro Lovšin d.o.o., Jakob Lovšin
Construction engineering
Proding d.o.o., Janez Štupnik, Igor Štupnik

Manufacturers and Suppliers