Slovene architecture

Celica Youth Hostel ŠOU

Janko Rožič, Ira Zorko, Aleksander S. Ostan, Gašper Drašler / 2003

The Celica hostel is a colourful, airy place for young travellers to stay the night(s), as well as an open museum and a cultural centre featuring over 100 events annually. The process, not only renovation, but architectural and artistic transformation of the old Austro-Hungarian military prison, took 10 years to complete. The main challenge was how to transform the once closed prison into a space of freedom. Every room/cell now conveys no more than a reminiscence of the former prison.

AUTHORS / Janko Rožič, Ira Zorko, Aleksander Ostan, Gašper Drašler arhitekti and Jiri Kočica, Žiga Okorn, Vesna Krmelj, Matej Bizovičar and others, KUD Sestava; collaborators / Nataša Pavlin, Nadja Obersnel, Primož Gašperšič, Boris Mlaker
AWARDS / Plaketa mesta Ljubljana, 2004, MOL Zlati sejalec, 2005, STO Zlati svinčnik, 2005, ZAPS Najbolj izviren hostel na svetu, »The hippest hostel in the world«, 2006, Lonely Planet


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