Slovene architecture

Škrabec Homestead

Božidar Rot, Vito Hazler / 2002

The Škrabec homestead is located in the center of Hrovače village. In addition to the dwelling house, the original 19th century homestead consisted of a pigsty, a granary, a hayrack and a barn, all of which were entirely made of wood. In 1998, the current owner Janez Škrabec started the renovation of the family farm, which was completed in 2002 with the installation of a new barn. In addition to the architect, the conservator and ethnologist dr. Vito Hazler supervised the renovation. The Škrabec homestead barn was the largest outbuilding on the farm. In the renovation, the original outer appearance was respected. The interior was converted into a spacious seminar and gallery hall where meetings and cultural events take place.

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Božidar Rot, Vito Hazler

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