Slovene architecture

Showroom Qubikcaffè

a2o2 arhitekti / 2020
LOCATION: Trg Republike 1

The design of this coffee house is based on the corporate image of the brand and the quality elements of the existing premises. Demolition works were limited to non-original layers that had been added subsequently and were completely removed. All interventions were designed reversibly and interfere only non-invasively with the existing elements. The new suspended ceiling follows the original design of the suspended laminated ceiling. The new equipment consists of standard stainless steel tubes and panels combined with bleached ash wood.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
69 m2
Qubikcaffe d.o.o.

Technical team

Tadej Bolta
Conservation plan
odgovorna konservatorka: Tatjana Adamič
Other participants
grafično oblikovanje / celostna grafična podoba znamke: Blaž Bajzelj

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Žgur d.o.o.
Roofing, tinkering
Ivan Marjan, s.p.
Floors, parquets, ceramics
čiščenje kamna: Prosen Com d.o.o.
Mizarstvo Simon Ferfolja s.p.
KGO kovinsko gostinska oprema Štangar, s.p.