Slovene architecture

Safety and rescue centre Trzin

Arhitekti Počivašek Petranovič / 2021
LOCATION: Mengeška cesta 2a, Trzin

The Protection and Rescue Centre is located at the entrance to the old part of the municipality of Trzin. The visual form of the building derives from the traditional typology of a fire station with a characteristic tower, the primary purpose of which is to dry fire hoses. The building is embedded in the space so that the centre becomes a new dominant, a symbol and at the same time a sign of the »entrance« to Trzin.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
1202 m2
Total Area
2040 m2
Občina Trzin

Technical team

Andrej Ukmar, Davorin Počivašek, Tina Marn, Urban Petranovič, Aleksi Vičič, Martin Tomažič, Urša Gantar
Urban Petranovič
Mechanical engineering
Biro mikroklima Medard Hafner s.p.
Electrical engineering
Elektro projektiva Damjan Mršić s.p.
Construction engineering
HP – Hiša projektov d.o.o.
Other participants
Standard d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Gorenjska gradbena družba d.d.