Slovene architecture

Robba restaurant

AKSL arhitekti / 2015

According to the jury’s verdict, the Robba restaurant by AKSL architects Špela Leskovic and Aleš Košak shows a strong artistic expression. With a simple wrap featuring geometric patterns originating in Robba’s fountain, the authors created a dynamic gathering space. The restaurant balances minimalism and maximalism, illusion and reality. The uncompromising design of this project was unanimously praised by the jury members.

Object information

Leto projekta
Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
120 m2

Technical team

Špela Leskovic, Aleš Košak, Maja Pečar
Janez Marolt

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
Point-A d.o.o., Ambius pohištvo d.o.o., Arcadia d.o.o., Strle svetila d.o.o., Aquanobile d.o.o.
Okna, vrata
Ambius pohištvo d.o.o.
Notranja oprema
Kubus – interier d.o.o., Rex Kralj d.o.o., Strle svetila d.o.o., Aquanobile d.o.o.
Strle svetila d.o.o., Arcadia d.o.o.