Han restaurant

GAO arhitekti / 2020
Zbirno mesto
In front of the Restaurant on the second floor

Our fundamental goal was to create an interior that gently entices onlookers and potential clients, while at the same time hiding them from the noisy, illuminated area of the shopping centre. This transition was made possible by the contrast and rhythm of the façade with its interchanging elements. We drew inspiration from the philosophical approach of Kengo Kuma, a master of Japanese architecture. Both the dim lighting and a balanced design of all special elements serve as a nod to Asian design and its fundamental elements.


Object information

Construction year
Object size
198 m2

Technical team

Interior designers
Mechanical engineers
Emineo d.o.o.
Electrical engineers
ESPIN d.o.o., Lighting design A2HKR – Ajda Kenda, Andreja Horvat Rusjakov
BWC d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
MTE Inženiring d.o.o.
Mizarstvo Trunkelj


Han restaurant

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