Slovene architecture

Reconstruction and change of intendend use of Pionirski dom - Art center, Interior

Janko Rožič, Gašper Drašler, Matjaž Suhadolc, Odprti krog / 2018
LOCATION: Komenskega 9, Ljubljana

Renewal of the classicist villa Art center – Pionirski dom, designed by the engineer Anton Klinar in 1894 for the city councilor Ivan Velkavrh, was designed in cooperation with the conservator Sabina Ravnikar. The emphasis is on the historical structure of the building. All major interventions, such as the hall, elevator, balcony, mansard, and furnishings were designed in a minimalist fashion, in order not to transform, but rather support the basic character of the building. The painting by Mitja Ficko opens the stage and introduces the visitor to the creative activities inside.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
1306,30 m2
Mestna občina Ljubljana

Technical team

Gašper Drašler, Janko Rožič, Matjaž Suhadolc, Metka Černe, Odprti krog, Primož Gašperšič
Interior design
Odprti krog, Janko Rožič, Gašper Drašler, Matjaž Suhadolc, Jernej Markelj, Irena Porenta
Miran Kambič
Mechanical engineering
Cerkovnik d.o.o., Borut Meke
Electrical engineering
Cerkovnik d.o.o., Matej Baš
Construction engineering
Hiša niša d.o.o., Tomaž Habič
Technological plans
Stanko Ožbot
Other participants
Mitja Ficko, Sabina Ravnikar, Silva Knapič, GNOM d.o.o., Amoret d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Dema Plus d.o.o.
Mizarstvo Kovač Maksi s.p.