Slovene architecture

Rajzefiber bureau

Maša Kresnik, Samo Lorber, Niko Poljanšek, Tjaša Perović / 2014
LOCATION: Gosposka 11, 2000 Maribor

The unconventional renovation of the Rajzefiber agency was done with a limited budget in just two months, in the Nanotourism section of BIO 50, the 24th Biennial of design. The office is equipped with OSB (oriented strand board) modules, which can easily be rearranged into desks, chairs, shelves, beds or a stage. The renovation is an ongoing project and the office has no final shape, but is determined by its users.

Object information

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Technical team

Katja Beck Kos, Kaja Pogačar, Robert Veselko

Manufacturers and Suppliers