Slovene architecture

Primary School and Kindergarten Cerklje on Krki

Medprostor / 2017
LOCATION: Ceklje ob Krki 3, Ceklje ob Krki

Slowly meandering through the lowlands of Krško polje flows a river. In the curve of the river by the ancient Roman road stands Cerklje ob Krki. Besides the original core of the settlement, the square by the church, a new centre was formed around the school building with the village store and the post office. The time-worn school building, dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and a more recently added kindergarten were the only educational facilities for the neighbouring villages. It was for this reason that a public competition for a new school building was issued in 2014.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
4500 m2
Total Area
11840 m2
Investment value
5.000.000 €
Občina Brežice

Technical team

Jerneja Fischer Knap, Rok Žnidaršič, Dejan Fortuna
Interior design
Landscape architecture
Miran Kambič
Mechanical engineering
Menerga d.o.o.
Electrical engineering
Proelit d.o.o., Tomaž Jevšnikar
Construction engineering
Hiša niša d.o.o.
Technological plans
IXA d.o.o.
Other participants
Mojca Gabrič, Samo Mlakar

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Fasades and insulation
Building materials
Salonit Anhovo Factory