Slovene architecture

Accessory dwelling as a tourist apartment

Marko Šenk, Arhé / 2014

The 16-century listed building called Šenk house in the region of Jezersko was enhanced by a new unit, built on the site of an over 300 years old accessory dwelling, which used to be occupied by the landlord and his wife after an heir took over the homestead. The new unit offers accommodation for 12 people, living quarters with a a kitchen and saunas in the basement. Some elements of the former building were preserved, such as the wooden ceiling, furnishings and doors, while all new materials are autochthonous, such as stone and wooden coatings and roof shingles. Preserving historical heritage by adding new contents could mark a sustainable trend for tourism development in the Jezersko region.

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Technical team

Krajinska arhitektura
Marko Šenk
Marko Šenk
Strojne instalacije
Matvoz d.o.o.
Elektro instalacije
Matvoz d.o.o.
Gradbene konstrukcije
Tomo Oblak, Marinka Žibert

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