Slovene architecture

Renovation of the public lawn in the local community of Gorica

Adkrajine / 2012

The purpose of the renovation was to transform the abandoned lawn into a modern multifunctional public space, which stimulates the intergenerational and intercultural dialogue by offering a space for socializing, playing and recreation or quality leisure time. The central gravel path, surrounded by green slopes and trees, leads to the paved entrance platforms of the residential buildings. The new arrangement is the result of 1567 volunteer work hours contributed by 64 volunteers during the implementation of the European project ReNewTown. The program supports the creation of conditions for the balanced development of cities or parts of towns built during the socialist period (1945 – 1989).

Object information

Leto izgradnje

Technical team

Adkrajine, Damjan Černe, Andreja Zapušek Černe

Manufacturers and Suppliers