Slovene architecture

The renovation of the administrative building Talum

Zadravec arhitekti / 2004
LOCATION: Tovarniška c. 10, 2325 Kidričevo

The administration building of the Talum Company was designed by the architect Danilo Fürst in 1954. The renovation was based on some simple starting points that the building itself and as a part of the industrial complex is an important example of post-war architecture and it deserves to remain recognizable. In accordance with the spirit of that time it represents a monumental entrance to the factory. One of the main characteristics of the existing building are the opulently designed ceilings. The existing staircase has been completely preserved; only the banister has been modified due to safety. The renovation of office premises is planned in the future. All new interventions and the materials used in the building are respectful towards the original design.

Object information

Construction year

Technical team

Janko J. Zadravec, Zadravec arhitekti

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