Slovene architecture

Renovation of apartment Suhadolc

AIR / 2008

The apartment in the building designed by the architect Anton Suhadolc before the Second World War has a typical ground plan for bourgeois dwellings, with a corridor and large walk-through rooms. The leading idea of the renovation was to preserve the charm of the past and to adapt it to the needs of a modern family. The premises retained their functions, since major changes would influence the character of the building. White furniture elements and dark oak flooring are new, while the reconstructed old parts of the apartment have been given the role of artistic accents. A special concern was the installation of computer equipment, so that various devices can be connected and shared, while the cables remain invisible.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
75 m2
Investment value
60.000 €

Technical team

Mima Suhadolc
Miran Kambič

Manufacturers and Suppliers