Slovene architecture

Primary School Poljane lobby renovation

GABERJOVANOVIC arhitekti / 2015
LOCATION: Zemljemerska ulica 7, Ljubljana

The renovated school lobby is organized as a playground which can be adapted to different activities. Fixed and moveable wooden elements, treated with water-based paint, can be easily assembled by the children to create an amphitheatre with a stage, work surfaces, a sports ground, showcases for an exhibition, a labyrinth etc. The lighting is energy efficient and can be adapted to suit different activities. Smart controls adjust the brightness of the lights to influence the children’s mood by warm light in the morning and late afternoon and white light just after lunch.

Object information

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680 m2
Energetska izkaznica

Technical team

Petra Gaber Jovanovič, Sašo Jovanovič, Tomaž Mesarič
Primož Boršič

Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Leska d.o.o.