Slovene architecture

Si.mobil office building renovation

Kragelj arhitekti d.o.o. / 2013

Si.mobil offices were renovated following the latest principles of working space design. They allow for more innovative work activities, better information exchange and more cooperation. There are four basic types of activities: co-working, individual working, learning and socializing. The challenges were how to reduce noise level, achieve acoustic privacy, quality of air, thermal regulation, ergonomic design of furniture, appropriate lighting, an aesthetically pleasing and stimulating work environment, sufficient number of meeting rooms, offices and silent rooms, as well as spaces for informal gatherings. All equipment and materials are healthy and environment-friendly.

Object information

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Technical team

Alenka Kragelj Eržen, Jure Vanič, Vivijana Zorman
Žiga Intihar, Milan Lazarevič

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
Eko stil d.o.o., Pantarhei d.o.o.
Notranja oprema
Smrekca d.o.o., Beltram d.o.o., Decor&design d.o.o.
Arcadia d.o.o.
Zunanja zasaditev
Oxis d.o.o.