Slovene architecture

Office building Iskratel

Nava Arhitekti / 2006
LOCATION: Ljubljanska cesta 24a, 4000 Kranj

The idea of continuous change in the rapidly evolving telecommunication technology was an inspiration for the design of Iskratel’s headquarters building. Glass was the leading material that defined the vision: the transparency of the lines between the outer and inner space, between the old and the new, in the light of the connection of the past with the future. Office rooms have gained natural light within existing industrial halls with new entrances and thus become a significantly better place for work. The glass facade has enabled a generous view of the surrounding landscape in the day time. At night, the translucent material allows external views into the interior of the creative working environment. Glass partitions from floor to ceiling offer an overview of the entire space without being separated from the natural environment.

Object information

Construction year

Technical team

Monika Fink Serša, Samo Rovan, Uroš Jereb

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Arcadia d.o.o.