Slovene architecture

Office Building IMPARO

studio abiro / 2011

The Imparo office building is located in an industrial area, but its quality draws from the nearby Ljubljansko barje. The distinctly longitudinal design is divided into two parts, with atria in the middle. Both very similar floors are surrounded by a relatively closed façade from vertical bars and fillers in the colors of the autumn marshes. The terraced floor, located above the roofs of the surrounding buildings, opens views towards the Krim mountain, the Castle Hill and the Polhov Gradec Dolomites. All working spaces of the typical floors, as well as stairways, open to the inner atrium, a meeting place for the employees.

Object information

Construction year
Imparo d.o.o.

Technical team

studio abiro, Miloš Florijančič, Matej Blenkuš
Miran Kambič

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Construction work
Begrad d.d.