Slovene architecture

Farewell chapel Krašnja

Ofis arhitekti / 2009

The farewell chapel sits next to a previously existing graveyard in a village close to Ljubljana. It was designed for the needs and traditions of a small community of Krašnja. The chapel is integrated into the hill following the rising landscape contours around the graveyard. Three embracing curved walls divide the space into distinct programmed zones: a service area, an interior farewell space, and a large chapel plateau that opens onto the surrounding hill. A concrete retaining wall divides the plateau from the hill, creating an external curve that embraces the farewell chapel. The internal curve which encompasses the main farewell space is a larch dressed wall, partly glazed, overlooking a small entry square used for open summer funeral gatherings. The service spaces such as restrooms, a kitchenette, storage and a wardrobe are distributed along the back wall. Finally, the roof, which can be accessed via ramp, follows its own curve partly covering the entry square and offers a rain shelter and a sun-protecting element. Instead of a visible catholic symbol, the sign is silently integrated into a building form.

Object information

Leto projekta
Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
350 m2
Občina Krašnja

Technical team

Rok Oman, Špela Videčnik, Andrej Gregorič, Janez Martinčič, Magdalena Lacka, Katja Aljaž, Martina Lipicer, Ofis arhitekti
Tomaž Gregorič
Strojne instalacije
I.S.P. d.o.o.
Elektro instalacije
Eurolux d.o.o.
Gradbene konstrukcije
Elea iC d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Arcadia d.o.o.