Slovene architecture

Primary school Ledine

Boštjan Kikelj, Mojca Magajne, Klemen Pavlin / 2013

The project corresponds to the program and volumetric design of the existing school, which is fully preserved. It consists of a set of classrooms built on the west side of the school as a continuation of the two-story volume of existing classrooms and the common school premises, which are designed in the extension of the building on Cankarjeva Street. The L-shaped floor plan ensures the safety of the playground and protects against bora and noise. Due to the continuation of the building along the existing construction line along the road, most of the land has been preserved, which allows for the possible subsequent expansion of the school complex. The exterior of the classroom is white, while most of the volume is covered with facade panels of two reddish shades.

Object information

Construction year

Technical team

Boštjan Kikelj, Mojca Magajne, Klemen Pavlin

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