Slovene architecture

Open Office

Podjetniški inkubator Podbreznik, Natalija Zanoški, Darko Plevnik, Katja Turk / 2014
LOCATION: Podbreznik 15, 8000 Novo mesto

With volunteer work and support from different companies, a youth community designed and built a project of an outdoor office in a wood near a business incubator. The first clearing in the wood features desks and chairs for group meetings, while another, amphitheater-shaped clearing, deeper in the wood, hosts lectures. The horizontal elements are made of spruce trunks, and the vertical ones of woven branches. Electricity and wireless internet bring together a relaxing atmosphere and the comfort of a modern office.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Vrednost investicije
3500 eur
Podjetniški inkubator Podbreznik

Technical team

Natalija Zanoški, Darko Plevnik, Katja Turk
Ostali sodelujoči
StartUP Novo mesto, DesignON in StartMedia

Manufacturers and Suppliers