Slovene architecture

Bakery Osem

Plusminus30 / 2013

The concept of this bakery underlines the basic nature of bread. The room and the choice of materials show that this is not any bread, but one prepared in a traditional way, with love and passion. The space is divided between workshop and customer space in a way that allows the customers to see the baker at work. The materials are raw, naked, and honest. The concrete floor is only impregnated, the walls are unpolished, some elements are made of pig iron and the light is reduced to a bulb on a wire. In the middle of the empty space, there is a counter, a wooden cube made of 64 recycled rafters, which had been waiting for years in an attic to be reused.

Object information

Construction year
Object size
35 m2

Technical team

Jure Melon, Lara Melon, Barbara Debevec, Bernard Podboj
Nataša Segulin
Zoran Pungerčar

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Strle svetila d.o.o.