Slovene architecture

Pavilion in Žužemberk

Študenti arhitekture EASA, Topos , Aleksander S. Ostan, Aleš Kobe, Jack Richards, William Burgess / 2013

The pavilion is a result of the participation of Žužemberk townspeople and the two English architects who won the competition, as well as architecture students and public workers who contributed to the EASA013 event. The design of the building stems from social demands and spatial problems, and tries to solve the difficulties of the square which lost its eastern facade during World War II and after it. The light structure, placed in a park between the trees, is covered with a gable roof, which partly sums up the traditional patterns of folk architecture, such as a hayrack, and at the same time resembles the church that once stood in the square. The modern roof offers shelter, and the same time opens the town towards the future.

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